12011142_10207650944324733_4280913799400538713_n.jpgI’m Kallie Schaefer. (Kallie rhymes with Sally.)
I grew up in lots of places, but mostly Missouri and mostly Jefferson City, Missouri. I currently live in Kansas City with my husband, Justin, and my dogs, Lucy & Ethel. I work part time at a local coffee shop and explore my creative desires on the side. I enjoy cooking, drawing, painting, reading, writing, exploring and binge watching Netflix. I’m an introvert by every definition possible. (INFJ, if you’re into that kind of thing.) I often joke that I tend to be overly empathetic to a fault.

I’ve been through a lot medically over the years and have learned a lot through it all. When I was 8 years old, I developed Cholesteatoma. It took 12 surgeries to finally put that beast at bay. I also have Arnold Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia, Ehlers-Danlos, Hashimoto’s, infertility issues and very likely Fibromyalgia. I am currently following the Autoimmune Protocol to help with the autoimmune symptoms I’m facing.

I am passionate about many things, but rarely voice my opinions or thoughts. I created this blog as an outlet. I don’t know what to tell you to expect. I’ll talk about some personal things. I’ll likely talk about my health journey. I’m sure I’ll talk about different food things and may share an occasional recipe. I will talk about what’s on my mind and what’s weighing heavy on my heart. We won’t always agree, but I will never be disrespectful. (And I hope you won’t be either.)

The only thing I would hope for this blog is that it inspires you. Motivates you. Encourages Questions you. Makes you feel less alone.


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