What they think.

“I don’t care what anyone thinks.”
“It shouldn’t matter what someone thinks about you.”
“Who cares what they think?”
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When life hurts, pray for comfort. When you feel sad, pray for peace. When you’re angry, pray for joy. When you’re sick, pray for healing. When you’re poor, pray for money. When you’ve lost your favorite pair of socks, pray that they’re found. Pray for a perfect life. Pray to be shielded from whatever trials come. When life storms, find the silver lining and move out from under the cloud.

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Now, not next

“The days are long, but the years are short.” -Gretchen Rubin
I stumbled across this quote the other day and I was struck by the simplicity of a statement that could so fully sum up all of the complex thoughts I’ve been running circles around for so long. Read more

Something’s Amiss

Wrapping paper has been torn off mysterious packages and wadded into a trashbag, glitter from cards and ornaments is in every nook and cranny, the food comatose is kicking in, children are reveling in all the excitement of their new trinkets…Christmas is coming to an end. Read more

Unanswered Questions

It’s so easy to put up a front isn’t it? It’s so easy to pretend everything is ok and just casually meander through life trying as hard as you can to convince you and everyone around you that you really are alright…that life is easy peasy…that it isn’t as bad as it could be…that someone else is worse off…that it’ll all work out in the end…that God is still in control…He is…isn’t He? Read more

For Better or for Worse

You are not where you are by accident. You are not facing what you are facing by mistake. The hardships before you didn’t take God by surprise. The “worst day of your life” didn’t occur without purpose. You have not “hit rock bottom” to merely make a bed and lay there forever. Read more

Jesus Take the Wheel — For Good This Time

“Being broken isn’t the end, but rather an opportunity to be made into something new. Pouring out your heart is a chance to refill it with something better. Having the ability to cry due to sorrow allows you to cry tears of joy. Being let down by others makes way to be lifted up by Him. Loving Him first and others second prerequisites learning to love yourself. All the bad days make the good ones so much better. Without bad, we can’t have good.” Read more